Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Loading an operating system on a DELL PowerEdge 2850

Installing OS on a DELL Power Edge 2850

1. First make note that you need a windows server 2003 x32/x86 iso files or download the windows server 2008 R2 32bit iso file. 

2. Then you are going to have to download RUFUS to make a bootable USB. 

3. You then need to your USB in the back, plug the power cord into the server, keyboard, well I used a USB mouse and not PS2, add your drives to the controller, push them in firmly then close the lid until it clicks, if the drive lights aren't flashing your drive is not connecting properly, then what you do is you unclip the drive again and push it until it cant push in then close lid. The lights should come on by now.

4. The server should automatically power on if not use the power button to start the POST, then you need to hit CTRL + M and configure the drives in your desired RAID, after that you need to initialize the disks and finalize the logical drives. After you have done this please restart your server and save settings

5. Hit F2 and configure the controller to full RAID don't make it is SCSI and the other RAID, both must be RAID.

6. Then you must change the boot settings for USB (Google this)

7. then you are done! now you can boot from your USB and load your OS (make sure there is no data on your drives else it won't work !!! )

Friday, March 21, 2014

Goodday to all !! i finally completed one link

Hi i have tried and tried see if this link works ... ill be on facebook so write on my wall if it doesnt work
EDEN FM 1. > Eden fm (OPEN don not save )



Is your service provider really the best ?

Well if you think you on the correct network have a look at this and see how you get charged / charged for !

ProviderAnytime dataAfter hours dataPriceOOBMinimum in-bundle rateIn-bundle
Telkom Mobile10GB10GBR299R0.30R0.015R0.029
Cell C10GB0GBR499R0.15R0.049R0.049
Cell C20GB0GBR999R0.15R0.049R0.049

Live traffic image streaming in and a round westernn province KZN and Gauteng !

So now you can stream traffic live from your phone or computer ! checkout I traffic by just clicking on >  I-Traffic


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Free streaming on blackberry

hi Guys so i got some links here you can test ! free streaming !!

1. Radio pulpit -;listen.mp3

2.Ofm -;listen.mp3

3.Impact radio -;listen.mp3

Sunday, September 15, 2013

BlackBerry streaming

Hi guys im still on it !! free streaming im just experimenting with the links and extensions for a time ... but please stay tuned hey !!